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Somebody's son thought I was going half with him: Story time Edition

"A weekend getaway and a date night in another city is what she wants." - Unknown


So March 2020, this guy slide in my DM's. I was shocked because I've known him for a few years and he was related to my guy best friend. I let him know I was unavailable & I was happy with my man. He spends the block a few months later and I start entertaining the conversation since my relationship was on a break. As soon as I agreed to see him, my nigga came back & I let this potential situation go. Keep in mind at the time when I agreed to see him I told him this meet up was going to be an "outing" not a date & I was going to pay for myself. I said this because I didn't want him to expect shit from me and apart of me already knew I was going back to my old nigga.

Well my old nigga & I broke up for real in August 2020 and of course this other guy was patiently waiting for me to reach out to him. We started talking all the time and the vibes was great. He kept asking me when were we going to link up, but I was skeptical because he's two years younger then me & I've never dealt with a little juvie lol. I said fuck it and we started making plans to spend a weekend together in a city that was within driving distance for the both of us. The plans was going good until he asked me was I going half with him on the hotel. This lead to a heated disagreement. Here's how it went (paraphrase edition)...

Him: " I feel like if you were willing to go half on a date then going half on a room is cool."

Me: "I was willing to pay for myself when we were going to eat and I didn't want you to expect nothing when I knew my situation was complicated."

Him: "I mean I get what you trying to say but if you really fuck with me then going half shouldn't be an issue."

Me: "Maybe I don't really fuck with you like that and if you really fuck with me then paying for everything shouldn't be an issue. You're pressed to see me but I'm not that pressed to see you. Plus I dealt with somebody else's son while I was in college that did weekend getaways with me and he always pay for everything so I don't see what's the issue with expecting you to do the same."

Him: "I'm not that nigga and I can say the same thing for myself. I've had some females that made plans and they paid for everything."

Me: "I'm not one of those females so..."

I ended the conversation and got off of FaceTime. Mind you this guy isn't a broke ass nigga, he's a trapper. At this point he fumbled the bag and I'm not interested anymore. Seriously y'all the same shit we were planning to do was already something that somebody else's son had did (two times) for me in 2016. I'm not new to this shit, I'm true to the game ahaha.

We still stayed in contact with each other and went on a lunch date Dec. 2020. I wasn't never mad at him and the vibes between us was always cool, but I wasn't caving in on paying half. I saw him again March 2021, and it was cool. During this timeframe he kept asking when I wanted to do this weekend thing & I kept telling him unless he's going to pay for everything there's no reason from him to keep asking me.

So we went a minute without talking and I guess he got tired of me being resistant lol. Out of nowhere (June 2021) he FaceTime me while I was at work and I called him back when I got off. The conversation was fine but I was getting annoyed. I'm thinking to myself, how have you been trying to pursue me for over a year, and a different nigga done came into the picture that I've flown out to see three times, yet me and him still haven't did shit but a lunch date which was my idea.

Tell me why a few days later I get on Facebook & his ass is up there counting five bands y'all not five hundred dollars but five fucking racks. Y'all I was so fucking livid, not to mention counting money on social media is lame as fuck and that some young nigga shit. How dare he have the fucking audacity to ask me to go half when he's making more than enough money trapping. Also, outside of trapping he was working a full time job so once again spending $300-$500 for a weekend wasn't going to put a dent in his pockets. I started to call him and cuss him TF out for having me confused with one of them $40 bitches lol, but I had me a glass of wine and went to sleep instead. By the grace of God he hasn't reached out to me since June 2021, and it's for the best.

I know some people may think I'm wrong but he was trying to do the bare minimum and niggas love to barely do anything and still expect some shit from you. Nooo sir, not me (in Rick Ross voice). Some females are willing to go half on a lot of things but I'm not one of them. I will say if I'm dating somebody that's on my same financial level then going half may be an option, but as long as somebody's son is trapping or making way more money than I am, going half on anything is out of line.

"Every time he fuck up remove a letter from his name in your phone. When his name is gone, y'all done. Hangman that nigga."

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