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Hello, my loves! Welcome to Twenty Somethings, I’m Erica Nicole, the curator of this lifestyle blog. I'm a southern baddie from North Carolina who resides in Houston. Outside of blogging, I’m an author, human resources personnel, and bartender.


20’s Somethings is a platform where I talk about various topics pertaining to living life as a black millennial woman. This blog is for the girls in their 20’s or any women who is or striving to become unapologetically them. Let's navigate this thing called life together.

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I started this blog in January 2018, during a dark time in my life. The 20’s have been filled with trying times and I felt like nobody was being honest about how tough this decade is which led to me writing about my life lessons and experiences. Social media and society has set a standard and put an unsaid pressure on people in their 20’s to achieve certain goals and embrace the “american dream”, which is something I stopped subscribing to. Part of venting about the 20’s includes talking about my dating life which birthed the “somebody’s son” series. Over the years I’ve found enjoyment in stating my opinion on popular and trendy topics/situations, and along the way I’ve become known for encouraging and supporting women to be whoever they want to be despite society and social media critisicm. I’m forever grateful for how this platform has blossomed into a lifestyle blog where I’m able to talk about my life as a black millennial while encouraging the girls in their 20’s and any other woman in the world to be unapologetically them.


Much love, XOXO


I’m Erica Nicole, a 28-year old millennial from Snow Hill, NC who came to Greensboro, NC in 2013 to pursue my B.A degree in Psychology. After graduating in 2016, I decided to stay in Greensboro, where I’ve had the pleasure of working in the mental health field, published my first novel, and became a bartender. I became a Houston Hottie as of October 2022. I love traveling, brunch and mimosas, smoking hookah, quotes/memes, and best of all talking about black girl tingz. Stay tuned as I keep you updated on life in my mid-twenties from dating and relationship topics to personal development and life lessons.

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