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Island Vibes: Jamaica Vlog x Travel Essentials

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

"Tested positive for needing to be around some mf palm trees."

Y'all know I love to travel, but between COVID, not being vaccinated, and getting my shit I didn't travel like I wanted to in 2021. But babyyyy, it's up and it's stuck this year. I went to Jamaica for five days with one of my best friends for her birthday, and it was lit as fuck. I stayed at an all inclusive resort, and although I wasn't pleased with the food options except for the jerk chicken, I will say the drinks were bussin'. The staff was hella friendly and the nightly entertainment was cute and fun. Due to the food selection (I go on trips for the food too lol) I wouldn't stay at that resort again, but the RIU Reggae is perfect for solo travelers, couples, and people that came to have a good time.

Here's my top 3 experiences from the trip

  1. Water Raft excursion. Something about cruising down the river, sipping champagne, and getting a foot massages gives me rich bitch vibes ahaha.

  2. Mother's. Our private driver took us to a hood chicken spot and baby it was bussin'. If you go to Jamaica please go to Mother's their chicken sandwich is on the same level as Popeye's.

  3. Horseback riding in the water. This excursion wasn't what I expected but you should try it for the experience. It's definitely one of the most memorable 2 minutes of my life.

Lastly, top 3 travel essentials

  1. Luggage organizers. Using organizers allows you to pack more clothes while keeping your bags organized. You can purchase these at

  2. Travel laundry bag. Forget the plastic bag or worrying about separating your dirty clothes and get a laundry bag. I recently used one and it changed my unpacking experience for the better.

  3. Travel toiletry bag. If you travel often it's best to create a separate bag for toiletries so when it's time to go the toiletries are already packed up and ready to go.

Thank you for all the love, shares, and comments. I'll be doing a few vlogs this year and please keep supporting me as I'm growing and expanding my blog and brand. Enjoy the vlog.

Here's the link to two of the travel essentials I recommended. Even if your not going somewhere soon it's best to order now and you'll be partially prepared for your next trip.

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