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View from the 336 + Hot Girl Summer Vlog

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

"Some nights I wish I could go back in life, not to change shit, just to feel a couple things twice." - Drake

Over the last few years I stopped going out because I've been over the nightlife in the 336 since 2017. Greensboro is a highly saturated college city and after college I wasn't interested in being on the scene like that. Some of my favorite places use to be Greene St., The Zone, Fat Tuesday, & any restaurant with good food & drinks. I hyped myself up and said the gaol for summer 2021 was being outside. I was thoroughly surprised that there was so much to do this summer. Nightlife in the 336 has really came up.

  1. Petra Hookah Lounge: my favorite hookah spot on Spring Garden

  2. Southside Johnny's: it's a low-key strip club

  3. Box Office: brunch spot & a great evening lounge

  4. Luxe Lounge: best brunch spot in the city

  5. Fat Tuesday: great daiquiri bar, food, & outside space with a DJ

  6. Bourbon Bowl: bowling, food, drinks, & cute outside space

  7. Mother Tuckers: 25+ spot with cheap drinks & food (mind you this spot is ratchet)

  8. Corner Bar: cheap drinks, it's a low key spot to go & get lit

  9. Culture Lounge: lounge/club atmosphere with drinks & hookah, also cute outside area

  10. Lucky's: a new lounge on Patterson Ave. Food, hookah, & cute drink names & specials

Hot Girl Summer Vlog

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