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Timing is everything

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

"For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven" -Ecclesiastes 3:1

Have you ever planned for things to go one way, but they don't?

Have you wondered why your life isn't going the way somebody else life is going?

Have you every felt like your patience with waiting for things to happen is getting very thin? Well to be honest with you, I've wondered the answer to all of these questions for years and the answer is always timing.

There is an appropriate time for things to happen and sometimes no matter how much you plan for something the timing isn't right. For example, I planned to be finish with grad school in December 2019, but due to unforeseen circumstances and some personal life events my graduation date has been pushed back. I'm the type of person that gets upset and feels stressed when things don't go as planned. However, I'm learning that it's great to have a plan but some plans will changed and that's okay too.

For the second question, just because other things are happening for some people doesn't mean great things won't happen for you soon. Remember it's all about timing. For example, some people graduate from college and get their dream job while some of us are working our asses off to reach our goals/dream life. Too often, we get caught up in what other people are doing when we need to stay focused on ourselves. Due to social media people are allowed to share their lives which in turn has created some jealousy or made some people compare themselves to others. Everybody has a different path to success and being jealous or comparing yourself to others won't change the fact that things happen when the time is right. So what Nikki graduated at 22 and Brianna graduated at 28. So what Sasha got married at 25 and other people get married at 30. You get where I'm going with this, things happen for people at different times. Don't let social media fool you, nobody is posting their failures.

Last but not least, learning to have patience while your waiting on your moment to shine is very important. I'm personally, struggling with having patience. I want things to happen on my time and I get pissed of when I have to wait. I remember growing up and I would be ready to eat and I would get hot mad if my parents didn't get up and fixed me some food right then. Here I am several years later and no longer a child, but I still get pretty pissed when I have to wait. My mom is constantly preaching to me that everything takes times and our timing is different from God's timing. On the bright side I'm learning that getting upset or worried about some things won't change the fact that I have to wait.

"If you’ve tried everything possible to get an outcome, and it just hasn’t worked out as planned, stop trying so hard. Relax. Maybe the timing is not right. May it wasn’t in your best interests. Maybe while one door seems to be closing another is opening."

- Robin S. Sharma

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