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10 Mottos I live by

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Disclaimer: I do what I want and I'm going to continue to say what I want to say.

"She set her boundaries and rebuilt her life."

I've experienced and learned a lot during my twenty seven years of life. Today I'm going to breakdown my favorite mottos and concepts I've learned and follow over the years. Grab a glass of wine and enjoy this post.

  1. You need to worry about you & not what somebody else is doing. Growing up my momma always told me "We don't do what everybody else do" and this statement has stuck with me as an adult. Too many people in this digital era consume themselves with what other people are doing. Focusing on others wouldn't get you any further in life, and if anything it's going to put you further behind. For example, so many people are always talking shit about Jayda Wayda, but newsflash she's still that girl and checks are still being cleared. Ironically the same people talking shit in the comments don't have their shit together. So less focus on her and more focus on self. Unless your a blogger, certain type of podcast/radio show, or talk show host worrying about people will never benefit you.

  2. When people show you who they are believe them. I love this quote by Maya Angelou and following her advice will save you from being disappointed by other people's choices and actions. Also 90% of the time before somebody disrespects you their actions and behaviors have already showed you what type of person they are. Stop second guessing yourself and trust your intuition.

  3. Nobody is going to love and care about you more than you love & care about yourself. This another principle my momma has instilled in me. At the end of the day people will come and go but you're still left with yourself. Therefore you have to always put yourself first, and having a certain type of love and care for yourself will help weed out people who aren't for you and who don't mean well.

  4. Fuck those people. People are a lot and people can drive you crazy if you let them. Therefore, fuck those people and move on with your life. Anybody who associates me with offline knows when people start to annoy me it's nothing to cut them off and keep it moving. Life is stressful enough and nobody is worth my peace.

  5. Distance will always bring you clarity. Taking a break from anything whether it’s a job, your family, friends, a bad habit, etc. can help you decide whether you miss it or confirm that it's time to leave certain people and things were they're at, which is in the past.

  6. Anything that happens fast ends fast. My daddy has said this statement to me too many times as I started to get older. We live in a time were everybody wants instance gratification and results, but the reality is anything that happens quick ends even quicker. For example, Forex was a thing and everybody claimed this was how they were going to become a millionaire, yet where are the forex users now. Supa Cent said it best, "There's no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs." Another example is, people hop into a relationship or they're quick to have sex with somebody that they barely know yet they're surprised when the relationship fails or their partner is a terrible co-parent. Stop making fast and convenient choices and work on developing a longevity mindset.

  7. High standards keeps you from low quality experiences. This motto will piss a lot of people off but when you value yourself and want more for your future self it doesn't make sense to entertain people and things that are low vibrations. I love this quote that states, "Practice telling yourself, I'm better than this poor experience that someone is trying to give me."

  8. Start seeing’s things for what it is & not what you want it to be. Living in fantasy world and ignoring red flags when it comes to dating, friendships, your family, etc. will always cost you in the end. For example, me and a former bff have had our conflicts over the years and I thought we could repair the friendship. The reality is although I wanted this friendship to workout, this person has showed me numerous times that their role as a friend was questionable. I had to stop seeing the situation for what I wanted it to be and accept that it's best to not spend anymore time and energy this person. It is what it is and for now I'm good off her.

  9. Knowing when to leave is important. I'm very big on this concept. Too many people hang on to people, places, and things when it's time to let it go. Also not knowing when to leave is how some people ended up dead, falling further behind in life, etc. Work on having discernment and finding the strength to when it's time to go.

  10. Don't put all your trust in a nigga. Yes I have trust issues, but I support the soft girl life movement. However it's very naive for any women to be so reliant and dependent on a man that she has nothing without him, and time and time again we've seen how men will leave a woman high and dry. To any woman reading this I always support a man taking care of you and the household, but please be stacking back your own money and have your own life outside of that relationship.

  11. Honorable mention: If you wouldn't trade places with that person then fuck their advice. If you've been an avid reader or know me in real life then you know I can't stand unwarranted/unsolicited opinions. Too many people have shit to say which goes back to motto #1, and unless you value this person insight or you want to model their lifestyle, then what's the point in listening to their opinion and advice. Fabulous said it best "opinions are like assholes so who gives a shit?"

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"To regret the experience is to regret the lesson. Because the lesson is inextricably contained in the experience."

- Chad Hymas

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