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7 Random Unpopular Opinions

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Disclaimer: My opinions are just that, my opinions.

"There are as many opinions are there are experts." - Franklin D. Roosevelt

Today's post is part two of some of my random unpopular opinions. Check out the last post if you missed it.

Let's get it (Takeoff intro from Hotel Lobby lol)

  1. Money over morals. We live in a capitalist society and most people are willing to fuck over people and forget their morals if money is involved. It's easy for people to say that would never do this or that, but they also haven't been offered the right amount of money yet. Outside of money a lot of people's morals could be compromised if they're desperate and in need, or if they're offered something that they always wanted but never had access to it. People are more shallow than they're willing to admit to.

  2. Problematic people are necessary. The world would be a boring place if everybody was a good person and operated with good intentions. Villains are what makes a good story so good and the news/blog sites would be useless if everybody was a law abiding citizen. Also problematic people cause controversy and having a difference of opinion is healthy and encourages people to think beyond their own world. Whether you like it or not people like Kanye, 50 Cent, Nicki Minaj, etc. are necessary. Personally, I like problematic people because they tend to not need other people to like them, which means they're being their authentic self and the world needs most people who are unapologetically them. Lastly, problematic people are always memorable hence this quote by Laurel Ulrich, "Well-behaved women seldom make history."

  3. Black own businesses lack mannerisms. I love my people but we lack business etiquette. Going out for the night shouldn't cost $150 due to parking, cover charge, seating fee, overpriced food, etc. and booking a service shouldn't involve failed communication on the owners behalf, deposits, nor getting your order fulfilled and shipped whenever they get around to it. Too many black owned businesses are solely about money and they don't give a fuck about their customers.

  4. Closure is a scam. If somebody did you wrong please tell me what else is there to talk about it. Talking to somebody who doesn't see an issue in their actions will led to disappointment and regardless of why they did what they did, they did it knowing it could it negatively impact you which is all the info you need to keep it moving. I often regret not blocking my ex sooner. Beyond Aug. 17th 2020, which is when I last saw him, there was no reason to give him anymore opportunities to explain him and make more broken promises which is what he continued to do until I blocked him last year.

  5. Money doesn’t change you, it gives you validation/permission to be who you always were. You don't start making money and magically become somebody new or start acting "brand new", however you can financially afford to be who you always were. People who like designer labels always liked them but they couldn't afford it and once they could have access to it they definitely put that shit on. People who are mean or look down on others always felt this way but being in a different tax bracket made them comfortable with expressing these feelings. For example a lot of IG girls are accused of being nice nasty once they gain a lot of followers and success, but in reality most of them were mean girls or thought they were the shit prior to the money. Another example is J. Cole and Kendrick are successful rappers yet they fit the typical rapper stereotype but they're good people with or without the money and fame.

  6. People want to see you doing good, but not better than them. This is a sad truth but it's the truth none the less. People can't understand how y'all started at the same place in life yet you surpassed them or you came from nothing and turned it into something. People like to feel superior and when you level up in life and surpass the level that they're at their superiority complex is threaten and of course they don't like that. For example, everybody loved JT (city girl member) while she was locked up but once she came home and started popping her shit, she became the villain and the same people rooting for her switched up on her. People could relate to her while she was in prison and her music career couldn't go but so far while she's away. However the game changed when she was released earlier than expected and she surpassed the level that people boxed her in to be.

  7. Being pretty means nothing( & yes I've been labeled pretty, bougie, etc.). Looks have always been important and the conversation regarding looks and pretty privilege is very trendy on Tiktok. However we're living in an era where if you have money or good credit you can pay to look good. Furthermore, being pretty doesn't exempt you from being treated poorly by men and what's the point in being pretty on the outside if your mental and soul is fucked up on the inside. Lastly, looking better doesn't mean you're better than the next woman. I support the "use what you got to get what you want" mentality but having a personality and being an overall well rounded person matters just as much. Don't get too caught up in the pretty hype and if you do maximum your privilege to the fullest without hurting other women in the process.

Feel free to comment and let me know what's some of your unpopular opinions. Also if you have ideas or want my viewpoint on certain topics please DM me, my inbox is always open.

See y'all next week.

"Don't let the noise of others opinions drown out your own inner voice."

- Steve Jobs

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