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Always Be My Maybe: Somebody's Son Update

Updated: May 24, 2022

Announcement: I said I wasn’t writing about somebody’s son this year, but y’all love it & for the most part I enjoy talking about my dating life & experiences.

“And no my ex can't forget it, 'cause the shit just too good to let go” - Jazmine Sullivan

Have you ever met somebody and it felt like love at first sight. A hallmark movie. A damn urban fiction book. The vibes, the sex, just everything about them and how you felt when you’re with them was out of this world. Well that’s how I felt when I met one of my college boyfriends. Summer 2015 will always mean something to me and one day I plan to write a novella about me and him called “Someone Great" or "Boomerang Love".

I haven’t mentioned him since I first started blogging a few years ago because I met my ex and I told myself it was time to let go of him. If you’ve been a reader since day one then you know that I’m talking about the guy that I always reference as the ex-love of my life.

So here’s a quick back story on him. I knew him from my high school days and while I was studying abroad in Spain he slid in my DM’s and the next 5 months was about me and him. This was one and only relationship where I saw him every day once I got back to NC. We surprisingly went through a serious situation that summer that made our bond even closer, and he gave me the love I needed after I had ended a year long toxic relationship once I started talking to him. I loved his family and my parents liked him too. Till this day he’s the only guy my parents have met since I graduated from high school in 2013.

I know if nobody else on this earth loves me that man does and always will. Unfortunately being long distance (went to UNCG for my last year of school), both of being young and immature, as well as him dealing with his grandpa becoming ill took its toll on me and the relationship ended.

He was one of my soulmates during this lifetime and yes I think everybody has multiple soulmates. He understood me and he loved the shit out of me. He used to entertain the ratchet things I was into such as urban books and low budget hood movies. He loved listening to me talk about anything and I felt comfortable telling him anything. He could handle me being emotional, dramatic, and any other emotion I endured when my cycle was on. He loved me for me and never tried to change who I was. I loved that he lowkey was obsessed with me but in a healthy way.

The reason I’m bringing him up is because he’s back in my DMs which is how we got together in the first place. After we broke up from Dec. 2015 to 2019, at least once a year we’ll catch up with each other and mention how much love we had and still have for each other, then another year or so will pass by before we talk again. It’s interesting how once I got in my last relationship I didn’t hear from at all until we broke up and mind you outside of one blog post nobody but my friends & parents knew I was dating somebody.

I still have a lot of love for him but is love enough? I recently asked him if he would ever leave the 252 and he said he’d come to GSO, but as I’ve mentioned before I want to move out of state for a while. So I asked him if he’d consider leaving NC and surprisingly he said he wouldn’t be opposed to it. I just knew he would say no because his love for the 252 is different than how I feel about my hometown.

Truthfully, I’d love it if we'd work things out and get married. He understood me in a way that nobody else has romantically except for out of state bae. And for the record my last ex understood me to a point but it didn’t compare to the bond I shared with this man. I said all this to say that I don’t know what the future may hold for us. I might fuck around and be engaged by next summer. I might be single until I’m more open to the thought of dating again. Anything is possible.

What I do know is I’m not willing to change my plans of leaving North Carolina unless it's to relocate to Charlotte. At the end of the day if he wants me we’ll try a long distance relationship or he’ll move wherever I’m at.

The chronicles of me and somebody’s son are potentially to be continued..

“I know you're tired (tired) of loving, of loving. With nobody to love, nobody, nobody.So just grab somebody, no leaving this party. With nobody to love, nobody, nobody.”

- Bound 2 by Kanye West

Here's 2 post from 2018 & 2019 about the ex-love of my life

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