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Damage Control: 2 and half years till I'm Thirty

Disclaimer: For once there isn't one lol.

"Wow the pressure is getting worser."

I've officially entered my late 20's era and now I have two and half years till August 23, 2025 which is when I'll be thirty. Thirty is a milestone age and I don't want to show up feeling unfulfilled and disappointed in myself. There's a quote that love by Mandy hale, which is "Ten years from now, make sure you can say that you chose your life. You didn't settle for it."

Although I don't like myself most days (I'm working on that), I love that I've never been the type to settle. I've gotten the dream car I wanted twice. I moved to the city I wanted to move to. I eat what I want to eat. I've switched grad schools multiple times and I always get accepted into the school that I wanted to attend. I tend to do a lot of whatever I want to do even if the outcome isn't what I planned for and if I can't have what I want then I don't want it. For example, I'm ready to finish furnishing my apartment but I'm not settling for any type of furniture. I'm ready to finish my first book series but I'm not going to focus on that until I give my author career my full attention. I'm sometimes in the mood to date, but I'm not going to take somebody seriously and get married unless it's my ideal situation.

I haven't settled on most things that people are willing to settle for, but some how I'm still not happy with where I'm at in life and two and half years from now will be the ten year mark and I want to be able to say I chose where I'm at on my 30th birthday. Time is of the essence and I can't afford to waste anymore time. Not being conscious of time and being intentional is how people hit their 40's and have a midlife crisis. You don't magically wake up one day and get it together just like most people don't suddenly settle for a certain lifestyle. You have to be intentional and diligent with your time. Time is always passing away and what you do with that time is up to you.

"I just wanna fast forward to the part of my life where everything is okay." - Issa Rae

Turning 18 was cool but nothing special happened outside of going off to college and being able to tell other people that I was an adult now.

21 was a memorable milestone. I had graduated from college a year early and brought myself my dream car. I could legally drink and I had started my 1st attempt at graduate school. Life was good, nobody son wasn't stressing me out, and even anxiety wasn't problematic then.

25 was a pivotal milestone. The brain is fully developed at this age and I was semi-proud of who I was becoming. I left a romantic relationship, successfully paid off $7k of credit card debt, and started the journey of figuring out what I wanted to do with my career. The best part of this milestone was spending $1,500 on my birthday trip and pajama brunch with my friends. The first few months of chapter 25 was magical and this was also when the hot girl side of me resurfaced again.

Turning 27 felt different and this chapter of my life has been dedicated to re-inventing myself meaning getting a new ware robe, changing certain habits that are holding me back, accepting things that I can't change, and forgiving myself for past mistakes and decisions. I'm hard on myself and sometimes I get myself worked up when I think about all the things I wish could change about my past now that I'm in a different mental state. However what's done is done. The reality is I'm not sure if my life would've been better or worst if I had did some things differently and all I can do is embrace where I'm currently at and be intentional moving forward.

I've always feared getting older but now I'm damn near ready to fast forward to my 30's. I've heard nothing but positive feedback from other women who are in their 30's. But before I turn 30, I have two and half years to do damage control and get the foundation together so the start of another decade is more intentional and successful than the 20's.

One of my major goals by my 30th birthday is be in a position to quit working a 9-5 if I want to because my Twenty-Somethings brand has expanded and my writing career is on the right path, along with other business plans I have in mind. Since I turned 25 I've often told myself that I have to find a way to retire by the time I'm thirty lol. Another major goal is to finish my masters degree. I sound like Lynn from girlfriends by always switching programs and never finishing them, but I'm determined to finish this second degree even if I'm in my 70's lol.

I'm going to look back at this post and read the future letter to myself which is going to be emailed to me on Aug, 23, 2025 and be proud of everything I've managed to do within two and half years.

P.S. I'm releasing a digital planner next month and I can't wait to give y'all a preview and an official release date. This is part of the brand extension plan.

Lastly, can y'all DM me or comment on my post. I've been writing for years and I have no idea who reads my post beside my friends. I can only see the number of views, not who actually viewed my post, thanks in advance.

"I stand by all my choices, even though I paid the cost."

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