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Don't bust down thotiana

Disclaimer: The wording is explicit, but the message is needed.

“Pussy run everything fuck that noise.” -Drake

From the beginning of time sex has been a thing from the bible days to the hippies to the 99

and the 2000’s ahaha. My generation aka the millennials has changed the sex game again by introducing situationships in addition to friends with benefits and one-night stands.

Clearly everybody is getting it in these days, but what about the girls who aren’t fucking? What about the girls practicing abstinent or celibacy? Most importantly what about the girls who want more than just sex? Basically what about the girls who’s on a pussy pause. By the way the term “pussy pause” means taking a time out from having sex for varies reasons.

Speaking from experience it’s hard I repeat it’s hard not engaging in sex. While I was in college, I had my fun (no I didn’t experience the hoe phase), but after turning 21 I unknowingly went on my first pause. I was dealing with somebody who didn’t want to be committed & I later found out he lied about having a kid which led to taking a time out from sex & dating. Furthermore, at 21 I had already graduated from college, I had real bills to pay, and I enrolled in grad school. I started to realize I wanted more from a guy than to just have fun. Plus, I no longer had the time or energy to be playing games with somebody grown ass childish ass son. So I endured this first pause for 11 months when I finally met somebody new but to make a long story short a lot of shit happen which inspired my 1st novel, and I found myself back at square one. This is when I went on my second pause for 14 months straight. Whew chileee it was tough but at the end of the day I don’t regret it.

Going on this pause taught me so much and I came to so many realizations.

1. It’s healthy to let your kitty breathe and marinate for a minute. Whenever you go back to having sex it’s bound to be great simply because you’ve waited.

2. I had time to soul search and focus on myself. I deeply considered what I wanted for my future & created my ultimate husband list, which led to me realizing I need and want a man like Russell Wilson with a hint of future and a touch of shade lol.

3. When you take sex away, you can see a man for who he is, not for the pleasure he’s giving you. I don’t care what nobody say relationships can’t solely survive off sex.

4. I had time to get my feelings together and come back to the dating scene being a better woman, meaning I knew myself, my worth, and the bullshit I won’t tolerate again.

5. I learned how to be alone and I’m perfectly okay with that.

6. Having sex will not keep a man, I repeat having sex will not keep a man.

7. Drake’s “Make Me Proud” song is true. Ladies we really run the world, it’s your kitty to bust it open or keep it on lock. Yes, we really hold that type of power. (Smile)

At the end of the day sex is amazing but there’s so much more to life and relationships beside sex which is something us millennials have forgotten about. I know some people won’t agree with what I said, but this post isn’t for you. It’s for the young girls and women who’s struggling or contemplating not having sex in an overly sexualized society. I don’t know it all and I can’t promise you that going on a pussy pause will be worth it, simply because everybody’s definition of worth is different. However, I’m sure something of value will be learned.

Much love, xoxo

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