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Girl, WTF are you talking about?

Disclaimer: I talk to myself too much.

"The happiness of your thoughts depends upon the quality of your thoughts." - Marcus Aurelius

Alrighty tribe I'm back with another random list. Let's get into it..

  1. I feel like most people are lame and their online presence is the first sign of lame ass bitch/nigga behavior.

  2. All bad bitches have Pinterest.

  3. I don't know what's crazier, taking a course to be a veneer tech or being stupid enough to get serviced by a veneer tech.

  4. Something about getting married and knowing somebody's son is going to say "My baby is having my baby" makes me giddy.

  5. The girls weren't hearing Nicki when she "It's not cool to be a loser go to school, graduate, get your own."

  6. Lashes are the most overrated beauty service. It's time consuming, hella expensive, and the results doesn't last as long in comparison to other beauty services.

  7. Offering luxury services then proceeding to get mad when your clientele can't afford the luxury service should be a case study. We're basically in a recession and smart people are using their disposable income wisely.

  8. Anybody else still goes to Ruby Tuesdays? Their New Orleans seafood entree hits.

  9. I wish I would've busted down one more lemon pepper wing basket before I stopped eating chicken.

  10. Kevin Gates & T.I are skilled at seeming smart, but in reality they say a whole lot of nothing.

  11. That stupid ass TikTok debate regarding the bear vs. the man is so dumb. Jazmine Sullivan already told us women aren't scared of lions, tears, & bear but we're scared of loving these niggas. Let's wrap up this unrealistic hypothetical debate expeditiously.

  12. People that understand the random RHOA quotes and memes are my kind of people.

  13. Everybody is going on tour this year even people who haven't released an album or any new music...hmmm that's suspicious.

  14. I love how 2024 is the era of bringing back diss tracks, even certain tiktokers took their beef to the studio. In the words of Nene, "Why don't we go to the studio and drop some beats."

  15. Speaking of diss tracks, Chris and Kendrick weren't fucking around when they got in the studio.

  16. Rick Ross did his big one with Wingstop ranch.

  17. Nobody rides for black women the way black gay men do and I love that for us.

  18. Something about a creator going live and refusing to talk until they receive a certain amount of money and likes is giving beggy bundy vibes. Why is virtual panhandling a thing.

  19. My love language is quality time but people confuse that with quantity. The amount of time doesn't matter, but how we spend time together is everything.

  20. The obsession with Beyonce's hair is weird. Honestly the obsession with black women's hair in general is weird. Does it really matter if her hair or anybody else hair is long? Does it matter if you wear locs or a buss down middle part ? I don't understand the constant discourse surrounding black women and our hair. It's literally our hair to do whatever we want to do with it.

  21. God knew better than to give me a fat ass. I would be just like Ari and Meg, twerking all up and down your timeline for no reason.

  22. Glamorous by Fergie is the best song for tea parties and brunch vibes.

  23. Saweetie is too humble but remaining classy and unbothered is apart of her brand. If I was her, every time somebody brought up music sales I would say, it's giving there's only 2,000 pretty bitches in the world.

  24. I love how JT, the certified dark skin baddie will gladly tell bitches "I'm that bitch and you bitches ain't on shit".

  25. Cinderella by the Cheetah Girls is a nostalgic classic.

  26. I can't believe I used to have my tongue pierced. Whew my daddy was 350 hot when I did that shit.

  27. Sometimes I feel like the only way to have a man these days is by being a stupid ass bitch and thankfully my parents didn't raise me to be a dummy (no shade with it).

  28. If that nigga don't work he's a fucking leech and that word to Young Dolph.

  29. Watching people crash out on the internet allows people such as myself the opportunity to produce content, but in reality it's sad when kids are involved. For example, Morgan and the random man from ATL has been a hot topic for weeks. She's crashing out while he's cashing out and their daughter is losing out thanks to her parents picking the internet shenanigans over actually co-parenting.

  30. Sometimes you have to tell people "That sounds like something only a therapist can help you with" and walk away.

  31. The hardest part about loving me romantically is surviving my anxious episodes. I haven't had an anxiety attack in over a year and a half, but I still have my moments where anxiety almost gets the best of me.

  32. The economy is impacting everybody, I haven't heard a good fly-out story since 2022.

  33. Between how my daddy raised me and the urban fiction world I've developed unrealistic expectations when it comes to dating.

  34. Something about Valentine's Day 2025, being on a Friday and Presidents day being the following Monday is giving somebody's son is going to take me on a bae-cation that weekend.

  35. I read a post that said "I don't cry over people, I cry over the way I get treated because I don't deserve that," and I felt that.

  36. I'd love to know what made Fabo say "Stop Fabo" then proceeds to say "Barbraaaa".

  37. Somebody's son walked up to me when I was at the mall and once I looked up he said "Why you looking at me like I'm broke bitch." Thank god for growth because I wanted to say "Because you do look broke.. bitch!". But instead I proceeded to put my AirPods in and had a good day. It's always the audacity for me.

  38. I can't believe I used to beg my momma to let me wear a thong now I hate them.

  39. I never thought I would be a person who loved and liked my friends more than my own family, but it is what it is.

  40. Black men who say black men don't cheat are indeed cheaters. The person who coined the statement literally cheated on his wife for most of their marriage. That statement isn't the flex that black men think it is.

  41. The concept of a "Pearls and Processo" theme event seems dope.

  42. The titktoker who said "Hang up on you, not in the mood" perfectly explained why my phone remains on DND.

  43. I love how my dad does wellness calls if my momma hasn't given him a life update or he hasn't seen my face on FaceTime to ensure I'm okay and staying pretty.

  44. Rick ross makes music that make you feel luxurious and like a boss.

  45. Some career paths have an income cap. People need to consider this when they're selecting a career, job, etc.

  46. The packed hair era was a time, let's run it back for old time sake.

  47. I'm so grateful social media didn't blow up until I graduated from college.

  48. I love the ending of Never Call Me by Jhene. The way Kurupt reminded her that she’s that girl is how my guy bff talks to me when I call him about my man problems. 

Once again this was fun and I have other content coming soon. I'm diligently working on a somebody's son series for the summer and I hope y'all will enjoy it lit.

As always I love my tribe and thanks for reading another random thoughts with Erica Nicole.

"Opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance."

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