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Happy Valentine's Day: My Favorite Vday memory + Ideal Date

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

“Some days I want to be in love, some days I wanna be to myself.”

I still believe in love and black love is a beautiful thing. Yes this is a man made holiday but in this unhinged world it’s nice to spend the month, this weekend, or one day out 365 days as a time filled with love and light.

My favorite and most memorable Valentine’s Day was last year.

My mom sent me 3 cards (I’m a card hoarder) and my dad sent me some money.

One of my best friends got me a Galentine’s gift which had candy, a card, a candle, and bath salt.

Then out of state bae added the razzle dazzle with the 2 gifts he got me (it was giving big money, and y’all know I love that ahaha).

This year Valentine’s Day feels different. It’s not about the gifts nor somebody’s son, but it’s a day for me to reflect and be grateful for having people in my life that love me and I love them as well. This year is also dedicated to loving myself which is one of my annual goals. Today is going to be amazing and if you woke up not feeling the love vibes then keep in mind what Auntie Tab said, “ Have a good day, and if you can't, don't go messing up nobody else’s.”

Tiktok has heavily influenced me to be delusional, be intentional, and to think big bitch. With that being said I’m manifesting what I want for myself next year, and if I’m blessed to still be alive and running my blog then I’ll follow up on this same post a year from now.

I’m manifesting that I’m going to host a Galentine’s day event.

I’m manifesting a date and a weekend getaway or some type of bae-cation with somebody’s son. To be specific I’m manifesting that he’s going to do the hotel setup and gift me some type of luxury gift.

I’m manifesting a solo trip to celebrate self-love.

I’m manifesting that February 2024 is going to be nothing short of amazing, and full of love and blessings.

I love y’all and Happy Valentine’s Day.

“I’m made of love and I move with love.”

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