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Miami Birthday Vlog... Eeeeowwww

"Do it like it's my b-day, baby" - Joseline Hernadez

I was planning to go to the Bahamas this year but due to their curfew I decided not to. Then I was planning a solo cruise & since the port was in Miami I was going to stay in the 305 for a few days too. The cruise line required the vaccine & I'm still praying about getting vaccinated so the solo cruise was cancelled. I was low-key getting pissed about my birthday plans then I decided that going to Miami and inviting some of my girls would be lit.

I invited five friends but only two agreed to go. Honestly I was excited that some of my crew wasn't going. I hate going on trips with too many people and it's easier to make moves without multiple people. I covered the cost of the hotel (Big Boss Shit ahaha) and we went to Miami for five days.

Keep in mind, Miami is a costly trip and going to a resort on an island is damn near cheaper then going to Miami. Food was about $320, flight was $200, Lyfts was $205 (we split the cost), and the hotel was $525 which was located on Collins Ave. and within walking distances from the beach. I also brought some new fits from Fashion Nova & SHEIN for the trip. Overall the trip cost over a stack and staying at an all inclusive resort on an island would've been cheaper. The trip was lit none the less and I will say having a summer birthday during peak season affected the price of hotels and flights.

To summarize the trip, I tried some new restaurants, enjoyed the pool, thirst trapping on the gram, and I was drinking a lot of liquor. I can say coming to Miami at 26 was totally different then when I came at 21. At twenty-one, all I cared about was turning up, staying out all night, and looking for the hood niggas. At twenty-six, I was back at the hotel every night by 1:30am, I wasn't checking for nobody's son, and I didn't go to the club.

Here's a list of restaurants I tried & mind you nearly every restaurant included a gratuity fee.

  • Venezia Grill: This place was within walking distance from the hotel. A wide variety of American cuisines from pasta to seafood to burgers.

  • Wet Willies: Daiquiri bar and bar food. Great drinks and the food was decent.

  • Bacon Bitch: Vibes and drinks was everything but the food didn't match the cost. It's a tourist brunch place and I've had better brunch for less than $50.

  • World Famous House of Mac: The vibes and food was lit. If you go to Miami please go to this black owned establishment. I can't wait to go back again.

  • Benihana: Japanese restaurant with great vibes and great food. I love this place and it was worth the hype. The scenery at night is also great for taking pictures. Definitely going back for a date night.

  • Normani's Bar & Grill: American cuisine. Great drinks and brunch food.

  • Lobster Shack: Fire ass seafood, definitely recommend.

Miami is a vibe whether it's a solo trip, girls trip or baecation. Check out my first Vlog.

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