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These niggas for everybody

“I don’t need your situation” – Jordyn Woods (BTW, this is my favorite line)

“You ARE the reason my family broke up” – Khloe K.

“I may have played a part in why she doesn’t want to be with him, but I know I’m not the reason why they broke up.” - Jordyn Woods

“Honestly, Tristan cheating on me & humiliating me wasn’t such a shock as the first time.” - Khloe K.

If your tuned into social media right now, then you know that the above statements are about the Khloe x Tristian x Jordyn scandal. Of course I have something to say which is everybody’s wrong yes, I said EVERYBODY.

First, Jordyn because she shouldn’t have lied about what happened. Once you lie anything you say after that is questionable. Although he allegedly kissed her, she incriminated herself by omitting the truth from what happened that night. Personally, I believe anybody who lies or “omits the truth” already knows whatever they did was wrong. As a grown woman she should’ve taken that L and dealt with the repercussions. Furthermore, it’s never a good look when outside people spill the tea about something you should've spilled yourself especially when you call these people your family. Life lesson: always tell the truth no matter how ugly or uncomfortable it may be.

Second, Khloe because you can’t blame another woman for your baby daddy actions when he was a willing participant and allegedly initiated this moment. Plus they were already broken up anyways so stop with “You ARE the reason my family broke up” line, that shit was already up shits creek anyways, not to mention he’s publicly being seen with a new chick

already. Life lesson: Stop dealing with community dick and level up, what you allow will continue.

Third, Tristian Tristian Tristan, smh everything from kissing a family friend to letting Jordyn take all the heat from this to not publicly apologizing to either woman is awful. His behavior and current reactions show he doesn’t have respect for his child’s mother nor women in general. Also, he strikes me as the type of nigga who’s for everybody and any nigga who’s for everybody will never fully be just for you. Oh yeah, let’s not forget he did the first mother of his child wrong too. Life lesson: if you want to be single then do that. Stop wasting women’s time with the fuckery.

This situation reminded me of a few things.

1. Real situations expose real people. All of Jordyn’s so call friends have been mute and nobody has stepped up to co-sign her story. Shoot those damn Kardashians didn’t even step up and try to stop the media from bullying this girl and threatening her family which was uncalled for. Thank God she went on Red Table Talk to explain herself and attempt to salvage her name.

2. Knowing somebody’s character is important. If Khloe knew Jordyn’s character, then she would know Jordyn’s true intentions from whatever went on the night to her decision to not reveal the kiss. In hindsight though, if she knew Tristian’s character then she wouldn’t be dealing with another public scandal involving yet another woman. Maybe Khloe doesn’t have a good judgement of character.

3. This betrayal may be a blessing for them. Jordyn could use this moment to start a business or find a way to capitalize from the hate and fake love. Now is definitely the time to turn a negative into a positive. Khloe may gain the strength to leave his ass once and for all and in turn Tristian will be a single man which is something he’s been doing on his own for quite some time anyways.

This whole situation is pretty twisted, but on a real note why is Jordyn like most females in this situation made out to be the only wrong one. Society as well as the girlfriend, wife, or significant other of the cheater always comes down hard on the side chick. I’m not condoning or excusing this type of behavior but it’s not fair to put all the blame on one person. Side chicks wouldn’t be side chicks if men weren’t fucking them, financing them, and basically making them feel important. On some real shit, if you’re a side chick stop it, it’s not cute and what type of woman sets around and seeks out a man who’s already spoken for. Grow up and get your own man.

Lastly, why do we as women always feel like it’s our fault when a man can’t be faithful, it’s his fault not yours. However, I know from my own experience what it’s like to blame yourself, when one of my college boyfriends kept cheating on me. Thank God I left his ain’t shit ass in 2015. I said all this to say, ladies we must practice self-love and understand our worth. When you know your worth there’s certain shit you won’t tolerate anymore. I genuinely believe what you allow will continue. If you keep letting a man play games with you or treat you like you’re some random bitch off the street, then it’s partially because you’ve set the tone and boundaries for this type of behavior to exist. If you require a man to take to you out and treat to you like a queen, then that type of behavior will likely happen.

Ladies, we hold the power so set your standards and set them high and stop playing with men who are childish and for everybody.

The woman who catches a man’s eye earns a purse, the woman that captures his heart earns his world. - Chris Brew

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