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When a miracle drops: Life Update

Updated: May 19, 2022

"Hear me clear, you can come back from anything."

Announcement: I’ve been inconsistent but as of May 15th I told myself that I’m going to be consistent with certain things (such as blogging) for the next 6 months and see what’s the outcome. I have certain goals I’m aiming to reach since I’m taking blogging more seriously and thank you for all the shares, comments, and buying the item of the week, it’s very helpful. Please continue to support me and reach out to me if you have any topics or ideas. Much love.

Life got real in the fall of 2017, & I often questioned what was the purpose in living anymore. From 2017 up until these last few months life has been beating my ass. From financially struggling, falling out with friends, shitty love life, liking a job then working on a plan to quit, battling anxiety, & not to mention my ongoing health issues.These last 5 years in the 336 and surviving these 20’s somethings has been a whirlwind.

At 20 and 21, I was living my best life finishing up undergrad and enjoying my first year as a real adult. At 22 and 23, my anxiety was the worst, I was broke as fuck (those damn credit cards), and my health issues began. At 24, I was on hustle and grind mode (getting out of debt) and at 25 all I cared about was being a hot girl and figuring out what I wanted to do with my life. Then I turned 26, and felt like I needed to get my shit together. Part of getting it together was finding a better job. Bartending and the restaurant industry was cool when I was a hot girl because I could work whenever and honestly do whatever. Yeah I was struggling financially sometimes because tips were up and down but I was partying and having a lot of fun whenever I linked up with out of state bae. For some reason you party the hardest and indulge in the most bullshit when your life and mental health isn't the best. Maybe drinking, smoking, being promiscuous, etc. is a coping mechanism when your not ready to deal with how your life got to that point…just a thought.

So after I came back from my birthday trip I told myself that I needed to get a better job and I was giving myself until thanksgiving 2021 to find something new. The deadline was thanksgiving because my lease was ending in January and my apt complex requires a two months notice if the lease is ending or being extended. I already knew I couldn’t do another year of being on a tight budget and trying to still live life, be in school, and invest in my dreams. I told myself if I didn’t get a better job then I was going to pack my things and move back home.

Anybody that knows me knows how much I don’t fuck with my hometown, but I was at a point where I was tired of the trials and error. I felt like if I can’t get my shit together up here then maybe being at my parent’s house where I’m not stressed about bills would give me the time and space I needed to regroup and try again. I was content with this plan, but I didn’t start applying for jobs until after I went out towards the end of September for my last weekend as a hot girl and I went to visit my parents the next day. During that visit I was reminded why I’ve grinded and struggled at times so I’d never end up back in the 252.

That visit home lit a fire under my ass and I started applying for jobs every day. Within one week I fixed my resume and applied for over 50 positions. It was also super easy to apply too because most applications only required your resume. A week later I heard back from a few jobs and I had some interviews scheduled. This one job I didn’t remember applying for called me and explained the position and it was a 6 month contract. I was hesitant to keep going with the interview until she asked me how much I wanted to get paid per hour. Keep in mind I was applying for jobs offering $18 an hour because that was enough for me to get it together and not be struggling anymore. Before I said how much I wanted I thought about the number I really wanted and the life I wanted to give myself if I wasn’t living off tip money anymore so I said how much I wanted and surprisingly she didn’t have an issue with it. She let me know that she’ll reach out in a few days in regards to a second interview.

A few days went by and I didn’t hear from her so I started to give up and hoped one of the other jobs I interviewed for would offer me a job although they weren’t paying nearly as much as this potential job was. Out of the blue almost 2 weeks later she emailed me saying I needed to get an assessment done within 24 hours and if I passed then she’d scheduled me for the second interview. Thankfully I passed the assessment and I was scheduled for a second interview a few days later.

On October 11, 2021 I had a 15 minute interview and within 2 hours I got a call back from the recruiter stating that I got the job, and I called my momma boo hoo crying. I literally fixed my resume and got a job related to the new career path I had taken an interest in within 3 weeks. I was going to be getting paid my worth and no more dealing with customers and their bullshit. God really came through for me and changed my situation in a blink of an eye.

I started the onboarding process and work was scheduled to start in 2 weeks which is when the devil started to get busy. For some reason this position required a drug test which was fine because I didn’t do drugs, not even weed. Somehow my urine sample got lost between leaving the medical facility and arriving at the lab. The recruitment team nor I wasn't notified that the sample was MIA until I’m supposed to start work the following week. So my start date was pushed back and I took another drug test, and guess what... those damn results were inconclusive because I drank too much water. Oh my god, Leah what the fuck (love that Tiktok audio). So I have to do a third drug test and third time’s a charm because my results came back the next day and of course I passed.

I finally started work on Nov. 8th and I'm currently still loving my job. It’s funny how this is the first job that’s paying me my worth and not asking me to run myself into the ground. I love working from my bed and being able to focus on other things while I’m working. Thankfully my contract was extended and this job is going to open so many doors for me career wise. I’m forever grateful for this opportunity.

Outside of work, I took the summer quarter off from school. I have a love/hate relationship with school but if it’s meant to be I’m going to get this master's degree. I’ve come up with a rebrand plan and new ideas for my book career. I know people are waiting on me to release something, but I’m not coming back until I know I can give it my all without having any excuses or half stepping. A month ago I started experiencing a new health issue and hopefully after next month the doctor will have some answers and I’ll be fine. Mentally, I was going through it from March to April but I’m good now and my anxiety about certain things has decreased a lot. Lastly, I’m traveling this summer and I plan to vlog it. It’s going to be a working hot girl summer.

In light of hot girl summer keep in mind that having fun is cool, but at some point you have to get your mind on something else besides bullshit and partying. Partying will always be there but your time and younger years are slowly passing by so find a balance between having fun and being focused, hence why summer 2022 will be a working hot girl summer.

To wrap it up, I’ve hated my 20’s since 2017 but for once I feel like I’m fulfilling my purpose and I found a career path that I’m going to stick to. Although I'm scared of turning 27 in 3 months I promised myself that the later half of my 20’s is going to be better. Life is too short to be anything but happy.

‘It's cool, man, got red bottoms on. Life is good, you know what I mean.”

- Future

Y'all know I love reading so this week's item is a book that changed my mindset. It took me a long time to get my shit together and reading something positive along the way was very helpful. Check out this book, it's short and a game changer.


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