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Women empowerment + Girl Code creates mean girls

Disclaimer: Debate your momma, not me and yes I refer to women as bitches from time to time.

“A boss bitch is way more than a hashtag” - Trina

Ladies, I love us for real (in my Monique voice) but some of y’all are mean girls.

Some of y’all are for women until another woman starts doing better than you.

Some of y’all show fake love or befriend another female to only use her then talk shit about her.

Some of y’all try to stop another woman's bag over petty bullshit.

Bitches be weird, and women as a whole, especially black women need to do better.

I’m bringing awareness to this gender issue because I’ve noticed that women empowerment is trendy, marketable, and the new way of disguising yourself as a mean girl. Mean Girls was and still is a popular movie because too many women can relate to either being “plastic” or “non-plastic’. Dealing with mean girls goes beyond high school and continues into adulthood.

There’s been an increase in boss brunches, support groups for like minded women, and mentor/coaching services for women who are trying to start a business or simply be on their shit. Sounds sweet and innocent, but I feel like the alleged support and wanting to see another woman win mentality is cap as fuck and a lot of this stuff is curated by mean girls.

First off, women are petty. The everyday twitter beefs and social media antics shows that a lot of bitches aren’t for women because the moment the opportunity presents itself bitches can’t wait to hop online and talk indirectly. For example, 99% of the female rap industry swear they're for women but the moment the chart status is released the subtweets and pettiness begins. Sidenote, I’m over billboard charts, IG followers, Amazon Charts (pertaining to urban authors), and any other numerical charts and statistics being used to divide up women. Some bitches really let these numbers go to their head and give them leverage to feel like they’re better than the next woman.

Secondly, these brunches, retreats, etc. be giving scammer vibes. How are you for women but you're okay with overcharging for ebooks, retreats, brunches, and coaching services. Most women that attend or invest in these types of services are doing it on limited funds yet you're okay with lowkey scamming them for your own financial benefit. I've paid for a business brunch before which was hosted by a black women and guest speakers were Darealbbjudy and Supa Cent. The quality of the event didn't match the ticket cost, and the staff as well as the host was rude as fuck. I get well known speakers were in the building hence the price, but the information that was shared could've been said over IG live. However, it wasn't the speakers fault. The host was unorganized and barely let each speaker talk beyond 5 minutes due to the event starting 45 minutes late.

Another example, is a well known marketing professional in ATL was charging females 5 to 6 bands to attend a business retreat in Mexico or Dominican Republic. Mind you I’ve gone to both of these islands and the trip was less than $1,000 for a flight and all inclusive resort (pre-covid prices). Tell me how the price equates to 5 bands even if you're paying for the host and guest speakers' knowledge. In my mind if these women had 5 to 6 bands to spend on a trip that money could've been invested into their business. Most people don't own or invest in a business due to funding so to charge that type of money is wild to me. I get knowledge is power but if you know how expensive it is to start and maintain a business during it's initial phase why would you encourage women to use the money they've saved up to hear some recycled information or same old motivation speeches. That money should've been used to invest or start up their business and what the fuck are you teaching in the matter of 3 days that’s worth 5 to 6 bands. Between Google, Youtube, and reading books a lot of knowledge is out there for free or offered at a low cost. Therefore, if you're going to be charging for your assistance or knowledge, what's being taught or shared shouldn’t be easily accessible on the internet. After spending 5 bands I better be taught how to turn it into 50 bands by tomorrow lol.

Another example is I paid to get my 1st book edited and when I got the edited copy back it still had numerous grammatical errors. The editing she did could’ve been done using grammarly or by a 5th grader. Mind you this person is a black woman who tends to market herself as somebody who wants to help new authors. This person frequently post about authors being scared to invest in themselves and one day I commented on her post and read her ass regarding the difference between investing in yourself and letting somebody scam you with these fake ass coaching services. Less than an hour later that post she put up was deleted.

Lastly, let’s talk about bitches trying to stop another woman's bag. No bitch walking this Earth has bothered me enough to go out of my way to stop her from making money, it’s never that deep to me. Although I blame the producers Dani was out of line for requesting that B. Simone miss a Wild N Out episode. I understand boundaries, but agreeing to go on a show that she's been on for 9 seasons and asking her to be remove because of her history with your ain't shit ass baby daddy is crazy to me. Mind you B. Simone as well as several other black women defended her when her baby daddy did his social media antics last year.

Another example is a situation went viral when an HR personnel who was a black woman asked another black woman how much she was requesting as her annual salary during the hiring process. The new hire named her price which was $30-50k lower than the budget allotted for. Instead of this HR personnel putting another black woman on she let this lady walk away with a lower bag and got on twitter boasting about the situation. In this situation she didn’t necessarily stop her bag, but she definitely had the power to help this woman get a bigger bag. A classic example of wanting to see other woman doing well just not better than her.

On a good note, I’ve met some genuine women over the years and one of my friends is a fellow author that I met through social media. Social media is great for networking with the right people. I’ve also bought ebooks from other women, especially black women in the author industry and the products they put out have been helpful. This post wasn’t intended to bash women but to encourage women to do better. I also emphasized raced when I mentioned each examples because all I know is my experience as a black women interacting with other black women, and while we rant and rave about men doing us bad, some of us treat each other like shit too.

Lastly, I’m for women especially women who are going against the grind and beating the odds, but some of you bitches are dumb and I have my limits on what type of things I support and show love for. Calling some women dumb may not settle well with some people, but part of women empowerment is holding women accountable for their actions and toxic ways. 90% of the pettiness, scamming, etc. keeps going on because we refuse to call women out for the bullshit that they're on. Just because you're a women doesn't mean I have to agree or condone the shit you're doing.

Before you invest in any of this women empowerment mess trust your intuition before you trust any of these bitches, and to the women promoting these retreats, groups, or services please do it from a genuine and morally right standpoint.

Stay tuned for part two.

“I do not wish women to have power over men, but over themselves.”

- Mary Wollstonecraft

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