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10 Random Unpopular Opinions

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Disclaimer: If your new here, please understand don't debate me debate your muva.

"Mature people never make difference of opinion a means of conflict." - Fethullah Gulen

There's a misconception about me when it comes to opinions. I don't care for other people's opinion regarding me and my life, but I love to hear other people's opinion when it comes to trendy topics or issues within society. I believe you can learn something from anybody even people you don't like or disagree with.

Let's get into my list of some unpopular opinions

  1. Nobody’s business is everybody’s business. I love that social media, Youtube, podcast, etc. has given people the platform to be transparent and live in their truth but some things are better left unsaid and off of the internet. Honestly sharing anything that doesn't led to a teachable/uplifting moment isn't necessary. I share certain things with y'all because my dating life can be a value lesson to other women and I talk about my 20's because it's relatable. However, there's still parts of my life that I'll never share with y'all and social media isn’t an open diary. A lot of people need to log off, touch grass, and see a therapist immediately. Telling random strangers certain things rarely leads to a positive outcome.

  2. Peer pressure as an adult is real. Nobody talks about how peer pressure as an adult is 10x worst than when you were a child. People pressure and attempt to bully people everyday especially in this digital era. Here's some examples of adult peer pressure: telling people how to spend their money, shaming them for living a certain lifestyle, trying to force them to maintain unhealthy relationships with their family, etc. During my recent therapy session I finally admitted to feeling pressured by former friends, certain family members, and even strangers to be somebody that I'm not. I'm not ready to have kids. I want to marry a man with money. I want to live a certain lifestyle even if people continue to say I'm bougie. I want to do what works for me without feeling like I have to defend or explain myself and I'm in the process of freeing myself from other people's pressures and expectations of me. Don't get it twisted I've always lived my life for me, but the shit people have said and shamed me for over the years has impacted me and part of becoming that girl is not giving a shit about people's opinions nor allowing the peer pressure to make me fold.

  3. Ignorance is bliss. What you don't know can't hurt or impact you. I'm not saying it's okay to be delusional, stupid, or ignore red flags but if you're happy in that moment, enjoy it. Don't go looking for trouble or making nothing into something.

  4. Motherhood and getting married isn’t for everybody. Slowly but surely there's been a decline in marriages and birth rates since women started realizing there's more to life than being a wife and mother. Everybody isn't built for motherhood, hence why so many kids turn into adults with childhood trauma and mommy issues. The pressure that myself and other women have felt from society and their family regarding marriage and kids is insane, especially seeing as most people disappear after you get married and have the kid that they were harassing you about.

  5. Entrepreneurship isn’t for everybody. I feel like Gen-X pushed the "go to college" agenda and now some millennials and definitely Gen-Z are pushing the entrepreneurship narrative. Everybody doesn't have the discipline and mindset to run a business. Also if everybody decided to quit their job and create a business who the hell are they going to get to work for them. Capitalism exist because society isn't designed for everybody to say fuck it and never punch the time clock again. I don't agree with capitalism, but pushing the entrepreneurship narrative and shaming people who have a 9-5 isn't conducive either.

  6. Jada & Will are the reality of marriage. This couple definitely overshares, but their issues over the years is the reality of most American marriages. People cheat, people engage in open relationships, people don't like each other anymore, people contemplate getting a divorce, etc. I love the Tiktok couples but the pranks and Youtube videos aren't a true depiction of a long term relationship/marriage. I don't agree with certain aspects of their marriage but their marriage having ups and downs is normal, and people don't like to see it because it's triggering and doesn't support the fantasy world that people live in when it comes to "that Jada and that Will love" that J.Cole rapped about.

  7. Being independent is overrated. As an independent woman yes I'm admitting that being independent isn't the flex that it's made out to be. You have to do everything yourself or pay somebody else to do, how is that a lit lifestyle? Men get on my nerves but I'd be lying if I downplayed the perks of having a man in your life. The right man definitely makes your life easier and most girls who are living the soft life have a man.

  8. Men and women can be friends. Every other week I see a Tiktok video of somebody saying your partner having a friendship with the opposite sex is a red flag and that's b.s to me. Men can befriend a woman without trying to fuck on her and contradictory to popular belief every man doesn't want every woman he sees. I've had a male bff for 12 years as well as other male friends and they've never tried me sexually or attempted to be anything to me outside of a friend.

  9. Work smarter not harder. For too long Gen X and previous generations believed in the work harder agenda but here comes millennials and gen-z who said fuck that. Gen X use to go to work early, skip lunch breaks, not use vacation time, etc. because they wanted to show their company that they were a harder worker, but their pay was still the same as somebody else who took vacation, left work early, etc. If anything doing the most for the less amount of money shows that you don't value yourself and your job will continue to take advance of you. The reality is working harder doesn't guarantee you anything but moving smarter does. For example, creating or investing in something that brings in residual income is the epitome of working smarter. Even from an entrepreneur standpoint doing everything from creating content, shipping orders, responding to emails, etc. is cool if your okay with working harder 24/7 but once your business is able to be scaled and you can afford an assistant or a few staff members you should definitely free yourself from working 24/7 to delegating task. I look forward to the day that I can pay a social media manager or have an assistant who can handle running all of the socials and content ideas for the Twenty Somethings brand. Being self-made isn't the flex that people make it out to be.

  10. Jobs that pay the most ask you to do the less. There's a myth that the more money a job is offering means the more work you have to do, which is far from the truth. The higher up you are on the pay scale or within a company the less amount of work you have to do. For example, you see a doctor for less than 30 minutes but they clear the biggest check out of everybody in the hospital/office but they did the less amount of work. Another example is myself. My previous work from home job was the easiest job I've ever had and they paid me the most to do the absolute less.

Today's post was a bit different but I hope y'all enjoyed it. Please like, comment, and share this post. As of last Saturday I was able to mark off a box on my 2023 Bingo Card which was posting a blog consistently for 6 weeks. I'm so proud of myself for being consistent, and I have to continue to show y'all and God that he can trust me to use this platform for great things and continue to bless me with ideas and the discipline to scale my brand.

Also, my overall views from Jan. to Feb increased times two and posting more on Pinterest led to my monthly views on the app increasing by 7k. My blog is going to become everything I dreamed it could be and I'm determined to get paid from posting content on Pinterest.

"Opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance."

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