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Updated: Apr 5

Disclaimer: Too much thinking inspired this post.

"So big on "just say that" cause I swear all you gotta do is just say that."

I've been thinking more than usual and this isn't a typical post with a lesson, message, or life update, but rather a moment for me to brain dump random thoughts.

Welcome to random thoughts with Erica Nicole

  1. The urge to cry has been on my heart for a few weeks, but there's nothing to cry about.

  2. Some women aren't mad at him for cheating. They're mad at him for the embarrassment. Knowing he’s cheating vs. everybody else knowing hits different.  

  3. Hang it up flatscreen is an iconic clapback. Nicki did her big one when she got in the booth with a hat and scarf on and penned that bar. 

  4. There's a difference between acknowledging that you've made better life choices then others versus believing you're better than other people. Most people think they’re better but in reality you made better life choices. Stay humble. Whatever God giveth he can also take it away.

  5. Sometimes it's not the devil it's the decision. We all have free will and some of the choices we make can make our journey harder than God intended it to be.

  6. Beauty Maintenance is overrated. Don't let the beauty vlogs and content fool you, it's costly, time consuming, and straight up annoying. I love maintenance day results, but the overall process and cost be blowing me.

  7. Personality can determine if you're ugly. Some people are physically attractive but their spirit and how they treat others makes them ugly. 

  8. Getting engaged or making a major announcement at somebody else's event is tacky. For future reference, making special announcements at my events will get you put out. 

  9. Sex lies are why a lot of women and even some men have a shitty sex life. Part of a fulfilling sex life is learning how to please your partner and vocalize what you enjoy as well.

  10. When I say I want a BDB I actually mean an MDB, a medium D baller. Some of the girl's coochies are stronger than mine will ever be. 6 to 7 inches is perfect and anything over 8 inches is doing too much.

  11. The internet is one hell of a drug and a lot of people are on one. 

  12. People may not like the truth but they'll respect the honesty. Also transparency is key when it comes to lifestyle content or stating conversational opinions. For example, Derrick Jaxn gave great relationship advice even though he was pandering to women, but he fucked up by failing to say he ain’t shit either. Had he been honest or picked a different content lane he wouldn’t have faced the backlash and spent the last 3 years reviving his content.

  13. Morals can easily be compromised when money is involved. The entertainment industry is a great example of money over morals even when certain shit is straight up illegal.

  14. There's a thin line between transactional love aka trickin’ and participating in sex work. No shade towards sex workers, but selling the girls a dream knowing the reality of your life is nasty work. 

  15. The girl's girl movement is a new way of disguising yourself as mean girl (more in depth post coming soon)

  16. Most girls want to be a spoiled girlfriend not a city girl. Personally I'm ready for my spoiled girlfriend to lit wife era.

  17. Being a housewife vs. being a trophy/kept wife is two different things. Learn the difference and be with somebody who's on what you’re on.

  18. After careful consideration I would do 50/50 with somebody's son as long we're outsourcing somebody to cook, clean, etc. and he's paying for vacations, date night, etc.

  19. Nothing in life is free which is why I wasn’t a fan of the soft life movement. The nice cars, high rise apartments, pilates, and luxury purchases doesn't happen overnight and some form of work and consistency led to that lifestyle. There's also more to the soft life than materialistic things, being aesthetically pleasing, or spending a massive amount of money.

  20. A lot of the new age “old hoes aka IG baddies” weren't doing shit back then and they’re not doing shit now. Hence why some of them are dating younger men and having check babies or going out sad on reality TV.

  21. I want to finish my masters degree now that I’m in a better place in life, but I can't afford any more student loan debt. I would love to study social psychology and how social media has impacted society.

  22. I hate the “how are you doing” text. Most people aren’t ready for a real ass answer and I’d rather somebody continue to not ask vs. asking with no intention of listening.

  23. The next edition of the DSM will have a list of disorders related to or caused by social media. 

  24. Forgive yourself for whatever you did during survival mode. Note to self, you survived and your past doesn’t define you, it's time to start living. 

  25. I grew up with a “they’re just jealous of you” type of mom, but I’m a passive person who rarely believes people have a reason to be jealous. However my momma never lied and in most situations people were just that…jealous. 

  26. A lot of women regret motherhood but they’re too afraid to admit it due to the backlash.

  27. I’m fearless, but the thought of motherhood scares me more than anything. Will I regret it? Will I do everything I can to keep my kid safe yet somebody will still be able to violate them and ruin their innocence? Can I mentally withstand everything that comes with being a mom from the pregnancy to constantly worrying about my kid when they’re not in my presence. On some real shit I love being an auntie but being somebody’s momma…whew I don’t know y’all. 

  28. Certain experiences should be explored before getting married and having kids. Life isn’t over if you get married or decide to become a mother, but your actions and decisions now impact somebody else beside you. Do certain shit while you're single and carefree.

  29. Most people loved themselves and their lifestyle until social media made them feel inferior. 

  30. Anybody trying to convince you to have a baby knowing you’re not ready or can’t offer a child stability is an opp. 

  31. People's opinions on certain topics can tell you a lot about a person. For example, anybody defending R. Kelly or justifying assault by saying "that little girl was being fast" shouldn't be trusted around kids. Another example is men who think Russel Wilson is a simp tells me a lot about how they view women and fatherhood.

  32. Teaching boys to run through women like a tomb raider while teaching girls to cook, clean, etc. plus adding on social media and podcasts is exactly why the dating scene is trash. At this point only God can restore order.

  33. I don't believe in budgeting. I believe in making more money. You can be a minimalist or maximalist, the choice is yours.

  34. Plain janes are winning because men like natural beauty. Plus her plain jane look is a realistic perspective of how she's going to look everyday and better yet how their potential kids will look. I like makeup but some people don't look as good as they think they do when they take the lashes off and wipe the foundation away.

  35. If I never experience being in love again I'm grateful that I was in two relationships where the love was real.

  36. Liking somebody is more important to me than loving them. I don't necessarily have to love my future partner in order to marry them as long as I like them and he loves me. I'm okay with growing to love somebody if all my other needs are meet.

  37. From the outside looking in people think I hate men or it doesn't bother me to be single when in reality I'm a lover girl. I love love so bad and I dream of the day that somebody's son gives me the safe space to love and be loved.

  38. The word enigma describes me to a tee.

As a certified yapper and over-thinker there's a part 2 scheduled to drop next week.

"Over-thinker: an absolute genius stuck between reality and imagination."

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Thank you so much for rocking with me. 

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