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Impulsive Thoughts

Disclaimer: Sorry tribe I lied again.

"I can be impulsive, I just have to think first."

There's been an influx of readers so if you're new here welcome to the Twenty Tribe.

I don't know what's been going on, but my mind has been flooded with random and intrusive thoughts. Then the fact that y'all have been cool with me saying anything is even more wild. Welcome to part 5 of random thoughts with Erica Nicole

  1. Stop talking and start doing. Talking about what you should or need to be doing vs. actually doing something is why most people never see results or experience growth, and yes I'm talking about myself as well.

  2. No amount of women empowerment conferences, ebooks, or courses can teach you how to have a personality. A major factor in being successful in the content creator realm is having a personality and being authentic.

  3. After watching the wanna be challenge I'm determined to learn how to twerk on top of the bathroom sink.

  4. Take pictures and videos of everything. One day the only thing you'll have left is the memories.

  5. Nobody truly cares about the kids from the govt. down to the parents. Instead of worrying about abortions, they should focus on school shootings and address the failing educational system. Now on to the parents, if they cared they'd stop procreating with dusty bunnies or bird brain women, leaving their kids around predators, or auctioning them off for a check. At the end of the day most people view kids as babies, and never consider how one day the baby will grow up to be an adult and hopefully a law abiding citizen. Having babies like it's a sport is crazy work, and babies aren't a toy that you pick up, play with, and disregard when you're done with them.  

  6. Bringing up issues you have with your homegirl especially unsaid issues to the internet is lame bitch behavior.

  7. It sounds fake, but there's a lot of people who love you and want to see you win if even they remain silence. The love always outweighs the hate.

  8. I loved me some Melanie & Derwin, but their relationship was dome the minute she gave up her dream school and decided to move across the country with a man who had her riding the bus and didn't think enough of her to marry her before hand.

  9. I want to finish my 1st book series and now that the friendship the book was based off of is nonexistence I have the free range to write without trying to be considerate of her feelings.

  10. Thanks to my favorite content creator I want to do Youtube. It's going to be dope to have archive memories and something to show my future kid one day.

  11. The Kardashians are a good example of people aren't ugly, some people are broke.

  12. Everybody gossips, but what you gossip about determines if you're being messy.

  13. You don't have to get on Ozempic to lose weight. Check his phone or DM this weekend sis, you'll slim down just in time for hot girl summer.

  14. Communication with no comprehension is two people talking in circle and I don't have the time for unproductive talks.

  15. Live your life and do everything you want to do so you don't age and be one of the old hoes that's always hating on the young and turnt girlies.

  16. Saying a woman is materialistic then showing up with no materials and proceeds to get mad when she's not interested should be a case study, like what's not clicking Steven.

  17. Body counts doesn't matter, test results do. However, nobody wants to be with somebody that's been with everybody.

  18. Anytime I feel bad about being selfish I hear Cookie Lyon saying "I gotta put me first, I gotta put me first Lucious."

  19. The YSL black opium perfume stinks, but the YSL libre is that girl.

  20. There's a difference between a good man and a good situation.

  21. There's no such thing as "being in your prime". As long as your evolving, leveling up, or committed to becoming a better version of yourself you'll always be in your prime.

  22. People who act like they're above twerking or acting bad when they're in the appropriate environment to cut up makes my ass itch. Keep their lame asses at home.

  23. Nothing beats being in the house with an oversized shirt on, and my hair in bun while I spend the day eating, randomly twerking, reading, and watching YouTube.

  24. Missing somebody but having to stand on business is a sad reality.

  25. I want to get a beauty mark real bad.

  26. You can't edit a blank page. Note to self, stop playing and go write the book, the people are waiting.

  27. Normalize telling people, "I hope you have the day you deserve" and walk away.

  28. Cardi B. and Offset are the new age T.I and Tiny.

  29. Somebody once told me, "Don't have sex with somebody you wouldn't want to procreate with," more people need to hear this.

  30. If you could pull one nigga, then you can pull another one. I never understand the mindset behind staying stuck on one person and refusing to move on. Also, never let a man tell you he don't want you more than once.

  31. Summertime is coming, invest in a body glitter or illuminator. I highly recommend Fenty Beauty.

  32. The way men finesse their way into moving into somebody's daughter house unannounced should be another case study. Sis, what do you mean he came over for the weekend and never went home, it's been 2 years.

  33. When JT said "I ain't friendly, I don't fuck y'all bitches" I felt that. I'm not a people's person and people tend to label me mean when in reality I'm not friendly, there's a difference. However if you're a part of the tribe please speak if you see me.

  34. When people say something that doesn't make sense I'm always tempted to ask them "Are they dumb, stupid, or both?"

  35. I'm so glad my dad was present when I went to college as well as when I was dropped off at the airport to come to Houston. Without him being there to separate me and my momma I would've kept crying and ended up moving back home.

  36. I stand corrected, other women outside of Meg can throw ass. Latto, ShapedbyKaylaG, & Jhonni Blaze, gave Meg a run for her money with the wanna be challenge.

  37. The bartender/bottle girl lifestyle comes with a lot of bullshit. The money is good, but everything else is annoying. I can't wait until I'm officially out of the game.

  38. You're not standing on business if you don't repeat something 3x like Dr. Umar.

  39. We've been having the same debates about certain shit for 40 days and 40 nights, when are we going to agree to disagree?

  40. Resting bitch face saves me from so many unnecessary conversations.

  41. If not me, then who? I need to remember that the next time I start doubting myself.

  42. What do you do when everything starts to go right? What do you do when it's your turn after waiting for what felt like an eternity?

It's a wrap until next week...

I was hesitate to post my random thoughts, but to my surprise the past few blog posts has more views than any other content I've ever penned. I've been praying for a sign to keep going and between the views, DMs, and coming up with a name for y'all I know that was multiple signs from God. I pray the views keep going up and I'm able to remain consistent.

"Nike had it right, just do it."

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