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Problematic Thinking

Updated: May 3

Disclaimer: Just, read it!

"Hold up wait a minute, y'all thought I was finished?" - Meek Mills

Without further ado let's get into random thoughts part number what the fuck this is with Erica Nicole

  1. If 80% of your sex partners said your coochie was fire than it's safe to assume you're that girl.

  2. As a fellow barb I don't see an issue with Nicki's antics because when I get mad enough I act just like her, unhinged!

  3. He should love you, more than you love him.

  4. Something about Trey Songz being on tour, living his best life while there's numerous sexual assault allegations against him doesn't sit right with me. Just like Diddy, R. Kelly, Russell Simmons, etc. he's able to get away with it because of his looks, charm, and pull within the entertain industry.

  5. Bring back hanging out at the skating rink on the weekends and for the razzle dazzle add frozen daiquiris and hookah. It's giving Cascade 2.0 vibes.

  6. Any time a man post a picture of his family but his followers never knew him as family man best believe she left him and he's doing anything to get his family back.

  7. People get mad when people say that could never be them but sometimes I feel like it could never be me.

  8. Running around your man's place with no panties on like your Winnie (Meg bar) is an unmatched feeling.

  9. Nene was wrong for calling Peter a bitch on national TV, but she didn't lie though. Season 6 of RHOA was top tier.

  10. I love seeing some of my college peers living their best life. One of the girls I graduated with is about to have her rainbow baby and I'm so happy for her. Another black queen is documenting her life after moving out of the country. In this fucked ass up society it's good to see other people especially black women enjoying life.

  11. I'm tired of videos starting by saying "somebody needs to hear this" when they know who needs to hear it. How about we stop playing and start calling people out or message them directly. It could all be so simple.

  12. These new age niggas ain't worth a damn. Go fuck with unc' and them or invest in a rose, if you know you know.

  13. I don't understand the mindset behind fucking people from the same circle unless you like chaos. The shit Mia did in the Best Man was a fictional movie for a reason.

  14. The chokehold Hennessy and lemon drops has on my people is insane. However, something about a strawberry lemon drop or a Hennessy margarita is going to hit every time.

  15. When Ghost put his finger on Tasha's forehead I knew it was wrap for his character. Ghost was beyond disrespectful in more ways than one.

  16. Some people aren't bad people, they're just not meant to be your people.

  17. If you want to move to Houston I suggest dropping 10-15 lbs in addition to whatever weight you've been wanting to lose. Houston is the home of big back behavior.

  18. Laying up with a man who doesn't take care of his kids then acting surprised when he doesn't do his part after you have his kid has to be a form of mental illness, like what's not clicking Steven.

  19. I want to stop cursing (it's not ladylike) especially on this platform but something about profanity does the trick every time.

  20. So many children were left behind and social media showcases this everyday.

  21. Something about a man saying he'll lick every part of a woman's body but kissing her is where he draws the line has always been questionable to me.

  22. If you got away with doing certain shit, take that shit to the grave, and act like it never happened.

  23. If I ever take a man back after he cheats on me please know I got my lick back in some way, shape, or form and getting even doesn't necessarily mean sharing my body with somebody else.

  24. Everybody is allegedly tired of certain trends, aesthetics, or debates but fail to engage with other content. People don't know what they want which is why you should create content that resonates with you.

  25. If you're going to stay with a cheater, I feel like you should cheat back or do anything else beside going out sad. At best get tested, stop being in his rotation, and let him cheat in peace while you think of an escape plan.

  26. I'm at the age where issues with parking is a valid reason to cancel plans and go home. Outside of outside being expensive, parking in Houston is one of the reasons I'm never pressed to go out on the weekends.

  27. Why is talking about sex so taboo. Sharing your body with somebody should be exclusive, but feeling bad or shameful regarding the topic in general is crazy. Between the STD rates and unplanned pregnancies, people are clearly fucking. I'm ready to drop a post about sex, but I don't know if the tribe is ready for that.

  28. There's a difference between knowing somebody and knowing OF somebody. Social media makes people feel like they know people when in reality you know OF them but you don't know them in real life to speak on their morals, character, etc.

  29. I wonder what happens when a Kevin Samuelette meets a Sprinkle Sprinkle girly. A live between those two would've been iconic.

  30. All couples pillow talk, but remember whatever you share about your homegirl determines if he'll be looking at her sideways.

  31. When something doesn't make sense I tell myself "It was scheme set up by Todd".

  32. Men would rather baby momma you then get married because he wants an easy escape out. It's more complicated when you're legally tied to somebody but it's easy to be done and leave her to be a single mother or at best offer to co-parent.

  33. Don't buy another ebook, watch another Youtube video, or read another self-help book until you do something with the resources you already have, and yes I'm talking about myself.

  34. I do expect somebody's son to do the hotel, roses, and bags on the bed setup.

  35. I'm at that age where I'm going home. Unless I'm staying at a hotel or my man's place, I'm driving home. I prefer to sleep in my bed. Plus rent is high as fuck, I'm going to get my moneys worth every night.

  36. The conspiracy theories get on my nerves. For example, a lady was crying and telling people there was going to be a massacre in Dallas when in reality it was a solar eclipse. People like her and everybody else who was making up theories must've forgotten we had a solar eclipse in 2017. The govt. is wicked, but everything isn't a conspiracy.

  37. Ghost & Angela were wrong, but Olivia & Fitz were everything. They were supposed to get a happy ending.

  38. At the end of the day, men have to pay.

Per usual this was fun and I'm thinking about dropping one more part, but I'm not sure yet. Between seeing a new therapist and both of my jobs kicking my ass again I haven't had much time to get lost in my thoughts which may be a good thing.

"Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you'll start having positive thoughts." - Willie Nelson

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