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Happiness Over Everything

Disclaimer: Quick life update and yes I'm in a mood again, but this time it's different.

"I used to be down bad, but now a bitch okay." - JT

So a few weeks ago I was pouring my heart out to y'all and so much has changed since then. Let's get into this life update.

Career wise

I'm still working a lot, but I had two Sundays off last month which was great for my mental and my main job recently renewed my contract (praise God for the consistent money bags). Although, I want to reduce my bartender availability, I have too many plans for the summer and the fear of being broke again is always in the back of my mind. Unfortunately, the goal to quit bartending by the end of the summer has been extended and I decided that I can quit when I reach my savings goal or get a higher paying job, whichever one comes first.

On the bright side, I've been saving money and I often pray that God will continue to provide and supply all of my needs. I have a lot of plans for the summer and one of them is to take an HR data analyst course which will help me get a higher paying job and give me the flexibility to do something different within HR. Then, the thought of finishing my masters degree has resurfaced again, but that's a task for the 30's. In the meantime I'm going to see what credits from previous attempts can be transferred and ideally I can start an online program sometime in 2026. I keep hearing Nicki say "Go to school, graduate, get your own, " and the bigger goal of being a full time entrepreneur by 30 is still the main goal.

The brand

The numbers from April left me speechless and I'm still wondering what did I do differently beside share my candid thoughts and feelings. After praying for this brand, I decided 2024 was going to the year that I write what's on my heart regardless of the potential backlash. It feels great to post carefree content and moving forward I'm going to keep saying whatever I want to say respectfully and people who meant to be apart of the journey will continues to ride with me or join the wave.

Outside of the blog, I've had an idea in mind for over a year and I'm tired of thinking about and saving ideas to my Pinterest board. Another goal for this summer is to figure out the business structure and create a business plan. I can go ahead and share that this idea involves a commercial property and I'm manifesting by May 2025 I'm going to have the keys to my building and some type of apparel line is going to drop later this year, stay tuned for the greatness.


A major part of me pouring my heart out involved my feelings towards my family. Their behaviors and commentary continues to be a trigger for me and one of my long term goals with my new therapist is figuring out how to engage with my love ones and stop harboring ill feelings towards some of them.

On the bright side after being on dialysis for a few months my Mema has been discharged and we're praying she never goes back. I know she's getting older, but I pray God continues to keep her around till I get married and have a baby, that's something that she wants for me so bad, and as time goes on that's something I want too.

Another stressor was my dad's health, he got sick and ended up the hospital back in March. Y'all I lowkey thought God was trying to call my daddy home, but thankfully he's fine now. Then my momma and I are on great terms again and my parents are coming to visit at the end of June. I'm excited for them to see my new life in Houston.


My mental is great and I rarely have anything to worry about.

I made an impulse decision to get an iMac while it was on sale, and now I have no more excuses for not updating my digital shop, new products dropping this summer.

Then, after a 3 years hiatus I went on a date and it was cool. It's been a long time coming and I'm still fearful of the outcome, but I'm open to dating again. I'm supposed to be going out with somebody else in a few week and I feel hopefully about that situation.

I recently shifted my focus from praying for a good man to God preparing me to share my life with somebody and eventually be somebody's son lit wife. I believe part of me receiving a happy ending involves working on myself and making sure I'm ready for everything I've been praying for. I don't want to fumble a new relationship or potential husband due to relationship PTSD, and I deserve to be happy and loved correctly.

In other news I'm back on my fitness journey. I've been vegetarian again for a week and I'm planning do this until my birthday. I want to drop 7 to 10 lbs and get my fupa under control or Mia Aesthetics will be seeing me next spring (I'm deadass serious). I also start pilates next week and I believe strength training is going to whip my midsection into shape.

The Wrap Up

I'm happy, I'm beautiful, life is good, and everybody keeps telling me that I'm glowing. For a long time I felt like I didn't deserve happiness because of my past mistakes but I deserve to be happy, loved, and so much more.

We're five months into the year and summer time is on the way. Something about warm weather makes me want to go outside and enjoy the city. It's going to be locked in hot girl summer where I'm prioritizing my goals but I'm going outside immediately after.

I want to be keep embracing the happiness, enjoy dating, get back to traveling, go to brunch bi-weekly, keep shopping, & do all the things I love to do because at the end of the day I'm just a girl.

"There is something freeing about figuring out what success and happiness looks like to you, and not feeling the need to project it outwardly. If it radiates and people catch it, that's fine. But the performance vs. reality aspect becomes addressed once your focus is inwards."

-Note to self from twitter user: thembiMatroshe

Make sure your following the correct social platforms based off your interest: 

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Positive news: Your girl got approved for an Amazon storefront and please checkout my store and shop with me.

More positive news & the grand announcement…. The Pink Print Shop is open and ready for business. I put a lot of time and effort into this line of business and new digital products will continue to be added over the next few weeks. I pray my digital products help you dream big and become the best version of yourself. 

Thank you so much for rocking with me. 

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