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Intrusive Thoughts

Updated: Apr 12

Disclaimer: At this point y'all know I talk and think too much.

"They are only thoughts, not actions or reality."

So I lied when I said I was done with these random post. Welcome to part 4 of random thoughts with Erica Nicole.

  1. I'm always in disbelief when people tell me I look like Tasha from Power. She's so pretty but I don't think we look alike.

  2. There's nothing like a waxed and clean booty hole.

  3. I was humbly reminded of my age when I was around an age group of people who had no idea about the Lil Wayne mixtape era. Till this day "No Ceilings" is hands down one of the top 5 mixtapes.

  4. There should be a dating questionnaire to measure compatibility and common interest.

  5. If you're not going to be nothing else in life, be fucking for real with yourself.

  6. I use to be hopping out at red lights and twerking on the headlights, whew the growth. Now I only twerk in appropriate environments.

  7. Black people need to learn how to date, vet potential partners, make it down the aisle, and maintain a healthy marriage. These online discussions with no resolution and blaming each other yet we never address the root of the issue. Other races are married or don't experience certain relationship trauma because both genders understand their role and marriage is valued in their culture. As black people we're arguing and focused on the wrong things when it comes to marriage and parenthood.

  8. Baby momma/baby daddy culture makes my ass itch. Bring back marriage and not trying to downplay it by saying "marriage is just a piece of paper" or "getting married doesn't guarantee anything".

  9. Traveling in my next relationship is a non-negotiable. In the words of Drake, "She wanna see the world and she tired of sittin' still. "

  10. I don't want to be what Savannah is to Lebron (no shade, I love them). Nothing about being a housewife has ever appealed to me. I don't care to cook, clean, or be a full time care giver to some kids.

  11. Requiring niggas to do nothing and terms such as situationships and sneaky links has negatively impacted the dating scene. Either you're in a relationship, married, or single, there's no in between. For example I fuck with out of state bae, but I'm single and as of a few months ago I'm in the spirit to mingle.

  12. Before you give up the coochie ask yourself do you like him? The amount of people fucking people that they don't like is wild.

  13. I don't need a nigga to do shit for me but at this point in life he can't be my man unless he's going to do his part and make my life easier.

  14. Dating and solely caring about money is only a factor when you're not where you want to be at financially. I've noticed as certain women elevate in life the hype regarding a man with money doesn't move them like it use to.

  15. I'm either in love in 3 business days or I feel like he's cool, there's no in between.

  16. I feel like one of my friends is going to be engaged by the end of year. Congratulations in advance sis.

  17. 2025 already has me overwhelmed. I'm turning 30 which is a milestone and some of my crew is turning 30 as well, and I have a feeling that somebody is going to launch a business, have a baby, or have a wedding.

  18. I don't know if nobody else son will ever get the type of love from me that I gave my last nigga.

  19. I want a commercial property so bad and I'm going to have one by the end of the year or at the latest by my 30th birthday.

  20. Halloween at ECU use to give Project X vibes, what a time to be alive.

  21. The disclosure surrounding your hair as a black person is stupid. Outside of braids and maybe locs everything else is annoying and requires maintenance whether it's a natural style, weave, or a wig.

  22. I need my whole crew to stop playing and get a passport. I already told them the wedding and 30th birthday is going to be out of the country.

  23. In ha mood by Ice Spice describes me 80% of the time. I'm always in a mood about something lol.

  24. I randomly remember when a former friend and even one of my family members had the audacity to ask me if I sold pussy in a round about way. Nothing about me gives I've sold or would be okay with selling pussy. Trust me if I every do something like that I would be honest and my lifestyle would reflect it. Requiring niggas to do and having dating standards doesn't equate to selling pussy.

  25. People who blame everything on a zodiac sign get on my nerves. They're a liar because they're a liar, not because they're a Leo with a rising moon sign.

  26. Getting lit in Mexico with your homegirls hit different. Hmm, I might have my bachelorette party or some type of event with my girls in Cabo.

  27. Girl, fuck those people.

  28. Group messages annoy me when I don't know who everybody is, and I get irritated when people send multiple messages at one time.

  29. Sending music is one of my love languages.

  30. Something about being a passenger princess with his hand on your thigh with some R&B playing in the background while y'all ride through the city is top tier.

  31. Somebody's life experiences and tax bracket plays a major role in their opinions. More people should keep this in mind before they let everybody's opinion bother them.

  32. The world would be a better place if everybody was getting laid.

  33. I'm ambitious but I'm scared of success.

  34. If you're reading this DM me and tell me what type of content you enjoy reading or mention why you like my blog. I'm curious to know who my readers are.

  35. So for the future YouTube channel I'm thinking "Love always, Erica Nicole", "Sincerely, Erica Nicole", or "Everything Erica Nicole" DM me and let me know which one you prefer.

  36. Reesa Tessa should be an audiobook narrator. Her voice is captivating.

  37. There's 3 types of love: having love for somebody, loving somebody, and being in love with somebody.

  38. Holiday Freak Shit by Mila J should be on everybody's sex playlist.

  39. I love being an auntie and godmother. I want to reach a certain tax bracket to ensure my boys and only niece is able to live a better life. 

  40. You don't want to die, you want the pain to stop. Trust me l've been there & thank God I haven't felt like that since Dec. 2022.

  41. There's this one boy y'all..I swear if he ever move to HTX & we worked on a few things, he'd be the one. He treated me the way Ocho Chinco treats his fiancé, if you know you know.

  42. I love the villains in mainstream media: 50 cent, Nicki M., JT, etc.

  43. I want a boyfriend 3 to 4 days out of the week. Although my main love language is quality time, I need my space. I can’t date somebody that’s clingy, and I’m open to a long distance relationship.

  44. The moment Chrissy proposed to Jim Jones was the beginning of the dating scene going up in flames.

  45. There's truth in every joke and I'm rarely just joking.

  46. It's important to give and show love but it's also important to know when to stop. Most people weren't taught how to stop.

  47. Life happens and people change, remember that.

  48. In the grand scheme of things, I want to be financially stable, traveling, eating good, and happy with somebody's son while we're raising our babygirl. Is that too much to ask for?

Okay, I'm done with the random thoughts for real this time...I think...

"Muah No Bars" - JT

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