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Updated: Apr 12

Disclaimer: I'm still thinking too much.

"Creative thought must always contain a random component." - Gregory Bateson

I'm enjoying purging my random thoughts and welcome back to part 3

  1. Always remember rule number one to be a boss ass bitch.

  2. Sometimes I feel bi-curious, but I think dealing with girls sounds fun in my head vs. doing it in real life. Then again, I'm lowkey scared of somebody else's coochie that isn't mine.

  3. Healing is an ongoing journey and some times I'm over it. 

  4. I’m overdue for a low vibrational night with my NC homegirls.

  5. I can’t stand a man who’s always in women’s business.

  6. Men went from talking about 50/50 to now they want a soft life. If they want to be the new batch of bad bitches I wish they would just say that.

  7. I don't like labels, stereotypes, or trendy troupes (clean girl aesthetics, girl's girl movement etc.) because it's a way for people to define you based off one attribute or assumption. There's levels and depth to people and I'm a multi-facet black girl. I'm middle class bougie (other people's words), but I love low vibrations and urban books. I love tea parties but I'm a hook fiend. The word enigma is the only way to label or describe me.

  8. I'm not a girl's girl but I'm not a mean girl. I'm myself and I don't like being associated with bullshit.

  9. You can be for women's empowerment, girl code, etc. and still not like all women because in reality some bitches are very dumb and hella weird.

  10. Confronting a woman about a man that your planning to stay with is crazy work.

  11. Being a black woman is elite and I'm so glad I'm apart of the crew.

  12. I've never cheated but there's levels to cheating. For example, him fucking somebody else is one thing, but him investing in this chick and caring about how she feels is top tier cheating.

  13. I get upset with God but really I’m frustrated with myself. I feel like God is waiting on me to be consistent and disciplined, then a lot of what I’ve prayed and yearn for will start to happen. 

  14. Arrogance is believing God is going to give you another day or more time to do something that you had plenty of time to do & unfortunately I’ve been too arrogant.

  15. I’m at that age where I hate splitting the bill with multiple people. Cash app or Apple pay one person your part of the bill and call it a day.

  16. To avoid the split the bill madness have cash so you can pay your part and dip out when the foolery starts. 

  17. I’ll never regret the love I gave some people, honestly they needed it.

  18. Stop romanticizing the past. Things happen, people change, and that version of them is long gone.  

  19. My go to motto for working in the restaurant/nightlife industry is "Make the money don't let it make you," and God always blesses me to make my nightly quota.

  20. Conflict isn’t always a bad thing, it's a part of developing and maintaining a healthy relationship.

  21. Getting dragged out or snatched up by man inside the club is on my bucket list.

  22. I’ve decided to stop saying congratulations when people announce pregnancies that make no sense. 

  23. I love Porsha (RHOA) but she’s a good example of the aftermath that occurs when women buy into the “he won’t do me like he did her” mentality.

  24. I love the hair store. Something about it is therapeutic.

  25. Digital footprints are real and some people will regret the things they've posted and shared online.

  26. There's a difference between wanting better for somebody and offering them guidance/advice versus pushing your own agenda onto that person.

  27. Before you question why men or people in general don't take you seriously, ask yourself do you take yourself seriously. People tend to treat you the way you treat yourself. Take inventory of your personality, lifestyle, and social media, and make some changes if people continue to come at you sideways.

  28. Your social media accounts should align with who you are in real life. Social media isn't everything, but it's a representation of yourself and its most people's first encounter or impression of you. My IG gives I'm an around the way girl enjoying life in Houston who's working on a multitude of things, and I travel from time to time. As I mentioned earlier digital footprints are real and your socials shouldn't represent you in a light that you're not proud of.

  29. I went on a date recently and I had a good time.

  30. My guy bff told me on my 25th birthday to have fun and do whatever I want to do until certain shit doesn't make me happy anymore and that's statement has helped me realize that nobody can make me feel bad for how I decide to live my life.

  31. I love the version of me that resurfaces when I'm exclusively dating somebody's son, I miss being a lover girl.

  32. This is going to be my last hot girl summer (I've said this every summer since 2021 lol), I might fuck around and be engaged next year.

  33. Raymonte's birthday trip was everything. Watching black influencers from various backgrounds link up internationally was a great moment for the culture.

  34. It's okay to grieve the life you thought you wanted. I'm still grieving and adjusting to my own reality.

  35. I have great friends but due to previous friendship PTSD it's hard for me to lean on my circle.

  36. I want to elope and have want a destination wedding in the Dominican Republic a year later.

  37. I randomly think to myself "I packed my shit and moved to Houston. Girl what the fuck were you thinking".

  38. It's a blessing and a curse to be label strong. It's a blessing because nobody can tell when I'm going through something, but it's a curse because people don't always give me the grace, love, and safe space to break down and be a human.

  39. A man can't teach you how to be a woman, but he can teach you how to be HIS woman.

  40. When I have a baby please know I'm doing it big seeing as I partially believe I may have fertility issues due to PCOS and I only want one kid. I'm going to have multiple maternity photoshoots, a grand pregnancy announcement, a gender reveal, a sip and see, etc. and everybody who's harassed me about motherhood better show up at every event and look happy to be there.

  41. I'm going to do the most when I get married and everybody who's has asked about my dating life or insinuated that I needed a man better be present for every event including the cake tasting, engagement party, bridal shower tea party, destination wedding, etc.

  42. The business casual club era was a time to be alive.

  43. I miss Wendy Williams real bad. She would've been eating the celebs up with all the mess that's been going on lately. No matter what people may think about her, she did her job and she did it well.

  44. I wonder if memory loss is apart of experiencing anxiety or depression. I honestly don't recall too much that occurred between fall 2017 to April 2019. I know I went to work, slept excessively, and meet 2 close friends who's still apart of my current circle, but everything else is a blur and I have to look back at pictures to recall the memories.

  45. I'm mentality preparing myself to pray that epic prayer on my 29th birthday which is "God remove any person, place, or thing out of my life that isn't for me, and give me the strength to accept it."

  46. Deep down I know a significant relationship in my life will likely end after I pray that prayer and I'm already sad just thinking about it.

  47. Friends that are spiritually in tune with you is one of one. I love how two of my besties can always peep when something is off with me even when I'm deciding to remain silent.

  48. Until I'm ready let me be and that applies to everybody and everything.

This was the last mental purge for a while and regular content is coming next week. I have so many thoughts to share and I've been working on a 15 part somebody's son series that's scheduled to start later this month.

I love y'all for real and thanks for giving me the space to say my random thoughts.

" I live in organized chaos and I'm good with that."

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