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Surviving R. Kelly: My Thoughts

Ebonics: Periodt is the slang verse of the word period.

“For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open” NIV Luke 8:17

2019 started with a bang from the government shut down to the R. Kelly docuseries. But on a real note the R. Kelly situation has everybody talking including me.

1. R. Kelly is a victim and a predator. His childhood involved 6 years of molestation which makes him a victim, but instead of healing from the pain he chose to pass the hurt on to numerous girls by being a predator. Better yet a pedophile. The saying “hurt people hurt people” rings true in this situation. He’s a hurt soul who was bound to hurt others the same way he was hurt due to him not healing or getting the help he needed as a child. Honestly, R. Kelly is no different from other pedophiles he’s mentally sick in the head, but he happens to have money and fame.

2. Stop saying those girls are lying. You weren’t there and you damn sure don’t know what happened between them and R. Kelly. Somebody’s truth is their truth and they ALWAYS have the right to speak their truth, no matter how much time has passed by.

3. Parents need to be parents, PERIODT! Too many of the girls’ stories involved their parents not watching them or letting them do whatever because it was R. Kelly. I don’t give a fuck who you are, you don’t let everybody be around your child, PERIODT! Those parents are just as terrible as he is because many of them knew the rumors and accusations against him and they chose to let their daughters and niece be around a predator.

4. Everybody failed those girls including the justice system, his camp, and the parents. I genuinely believe the judge & jurors knew it was him in the tape and despite the girl not testifying he should’ve gone to jail. Peeing on somebody is degrading and disrespectful PERIODT. Then his camp, smh. They literally knew he made sex tapes, was abusive, and messing with underage girls because they often helped him recruit and contact those girls. To top it off that damn tour manager who helped him marry Aayliah and knew about the tapes is the worst of them all. R. Kelly is sick in the head but these parents and other adults knew better.

5. I hate how the music industry is acting oblivious to this situation. Everybody knew about the 2002 sex tape and heard the rumors regarding his sexual behavior but for the love of music and money they chose to overlook his sick ass ways and work with him anyways. It grinds my gears how everybody in the industry is sorry and magically became woke about the R. Kelly stories AFTER the docuseries aired.

6. Many people are in denial saying the girls are lying simply because incriminating R. Kelly means exposing and coming to terms with the pedophiles that they know. In the black community everybody knows somebody (father, brother, pastor, teacher, etc.) who is a predator and we don’t speak on it. We need to stop the abusive cycle and talk about this uncomfortable subject.

7. The docuseries is out, NOW WHAT? I’m grateful lifetime produced this series because so many people became woke to who R. Kelly is and taking the #metoomovement more seriously. However outside of sitting them in front of a camera, does lifetime plan to offer these girls counseling or some type of healing that’s deeper than getting on TV? I surely hope so. Maybe they’ll do a follow up on the girls and show their progress a few years from now.

This whole situation is a mess and a lot of lives were destroyed and damaged. I do believe nobody cared because they were black girls which is the saddest part of it all. Black girls' lives matter. Black women matter. We’ve ALWAYS matter. I’m praying for these girls

and anybody else who’s been abused in any way, shape, or form will get and seek the healing they need. Lastly, I’m thankful that the docuseries sparked the fire for addressing childhood issues to facing the abuse and mental health issues you have within yourself and your family. The best way to start healing is to address the problem and stop acting like it never happened.

What’s done in the dark, will always come to light.”

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